A close friend was diagnosed at only 29. It was a stark reminder that cancer affects us all...
-Jonathan Miller

My grandmother passed away when I was 18. She raised me. It changed my life… - Prasanthi

My Uncle fought cancer and taught us all how to lead a remarkable lifewhile he did it… - Jonathan K

Each one of us here at Element Bars has been affected by cancer. These are our stories. We wanted to make a difference in the world of cancer in our own unique way so we launched Element Vitality - whole food bars made specifically to help people living with cancer.

This holiday season we would like to remember those who have once had or are currently living with cancer. We have started a blog and we invite you to share your story or words of encouragement with families affected by cancer.

For every contribution, we will donate $1 to the American Cancer Society. So pass this email along and get another 10 people to contribute. That's $10 for ACS. Every dollar counts. Every story counts.

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