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Nutrition Your Way

Don't compromise. Take control of your nutrition by customizing your own all natural energy bar to your sports and fitness needs.


The Endurance Athlete

You compete with yourself. Push your body to new boundaries. Find a way to finish... Explore our recipes to find the right bar for your endurance needs.


Sports & Fitness Enthusiasts

You go the distance, whether in a tennis match or on a treadmill. Fuel your body with the right nutrients before and after your workout.


Fuel your run with Element Endurance

Element Endurance bars are designed to the specific needs of endurance athletes. Crafted by endurance athletes and nutritionists for individuals who push their bodies to the limits and demand high quality nutrition from their energy bar. START NOW

I can't believe it! I've finally found a line of energy bars for high-intensity endurance athletes that actually taste good! Even better, Element Endurance Bars are intelligently designed with all-natural ingredients and are uniquely customizable. I've never seen anything like this!

Adam Tuttle, MD, Nutritionist and Trainer

Element Endurance Bars provide the essential components to optimize training and performance. Each bar features a specific nutritional mix for the athlete's activity (before, during, after) and the all-natural ingredients are the cornerstone of each bar. The ability to customize the bar for individual needs puts EE in a class on its own.

Matthew Rose, Head Coach/Owner - Dynamo Multisport

Poor nutrition actually slows recovery, which negatively affects future workouts. With this in mind, I created my Element Endurance bar as the perfect post-workout snack. I started with the protein-rich oaty coreto help with post-workout muscle repair. I added cherries for their antioxidants, almonds for more protein and a little crunch, and chocolate because it tastes good! In total, my bar has about 12 grams of protein and 30 grams of carbohydrates.

Haley Chura, Ironman Triathlete & Ultramarathoner

I was especially looking for something that I can take on the road for an away-from-home event, so that I can have a reliable product that won't upset my stomach. After trying Element Bars, I am hooked!

Andrea Herrmann, Team in Training RI Marathon Walk Team Captain

The Latest from Element Endurance

Start 2012 on the right foot with Element Endurance made for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.
Try our new endurance additions!

  • Bananas high in potassium
  • Caffeine all natural boost — made from Yerba Mate
  • Dark Chocolatesmall boost of caffeine, theobromine, and theophyline to enhance cardiovascular and muscle output
  • Sunflower Seeds Chock full of potassium and B Vitamins

Make a Commitment

Get Fit with Element Endurance

Fitness starts with a choice. You can or have decided that your body and your fitness are important. At Element Endurance we make bars with all-natural ingredients to help athletes as they pursue their fitness. We have made a commitment to making high quality bars and are dedicated to our customers. Thank you for making a commitment to our bars and your fitness

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