Mix My Granola Custom Granola becomes Element Bars

Dear Mix My Granola Customers,

Earlier this month, Element Bars bought Mix My Granola. We did so for three main reasons:

  1. We value the custom cereal company that Matt, Andreas, and Raoul built.
  2. We found ourselves frequenting mixmygranola.com for custom cereal.
  3. Since starting Element Bars in 2008 we have grown more steadfast in the belief that custom is the future of food.

We welcome and invite Mix My Granola customers to try our custom whole food bars. Anyone who enters "mmgelement" at checkout will receive 20% off their order. The discount applies to the custom whole food bars you build and name in our Build-a-Bar interface as well as our popular recipes. All of our bars are handmade with all-natural ingredients, baked fresh, and come with Our Great Taste Guarantee - if you don't love your bars we will replace your bars or refund your money.   

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any of your questions or comments.